Wahneta water system, inc.

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Wahneta Water System, Inc. announces a precautionary boil water advisory to our customers. Because of the water being off in order to hook to the new water lines a boil water advisory is issued.

It is recommended that customers boil all water used for food preparation, teeth brushing, ice making, and drinking until further notice.  Customers are advised to bring the water to a rolling boil for at least one (1) minute, which is sufficient to ensure the water is safe for consumption.   After boiling, remember to let the water cool before use.  Ice which has been made within the past 10 hours should not be consumed or used for drinking.  The water may be used for bathing and washing without boiling. 

 Wahneta Water System, Inc. is monitoring the water system and will lift or revise this advisory as necessary.  The advisory is a precautionary measure and will be lifted after water service and quality are fully restored and water quality tests verify the safety of the water supply.  This process may take 2 days.